Reclaiming Our Downtown

Santa Clara 

We are heart-filled, passionate Volunteer group of citizens  working with the City of Santa Clara leaders to revitalize our Historic Downtown that was destroyed 50 years ago during urban renewal. “Franklin and Main Street” next to Santa Clara University. We are active with the return of our history infused, modern people-active  Downtown Santa Clara, CA.

We are adding more change-makers, citizens of our beloved city to help educate and research to achieve our visions.  Please join us. Sign up below to join our Core Team right NOW.  

3,700 Members

Key Visions for Our Downtown:

  • Return the Exact Street Footprint
  • Creation of a Planned Downtown, Not a series of Projects
  • Blend Key Architectural Features of Our Original Downtown with architecturally significant urban design - mixed use
  • Protect the Current Retailers and Residents
  • Return the Historic Trolley

Join Over 400+ Volunteers

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