Reclaiming Our Downtown

Santa Clara 

The Return of Santa Clara’s “Heart” – an amazing, economically vibrant, Downtown – to its original Street Grid by 2020.

To Return an Extraordinary Downtown back to Santa Clara on its Original Street Grid.
 “We are the Center of all things possible- THE Silicon Valley. In the center of Silicon Valley is Santa Clara. In the center of Santa Clara is a parking lot, an apartment complex, a couple of strip malls, and not much else. What we build will indeed permanently define who we are.”

o Return of the Original Downtown Street Grid
o With Santa Clara’s Main Street leading back to Santa Clara’s Mission Plaza Park (Santa Clara’s First Park)
o The Return of the Key Architectural Buildings, Facades and Features of the Original Downtown
o Protection of the Current and Future Retailers
o The Addition of Mixed-Used (Residential/Offices/Retail) architecture
o Return of a working Trolley system that would connect Downtown to the nearby train and future BART stations

This Page’s Goals:
o This site shows both the HISTORY and FUTURE of OUR Historic Downtown Santa Clara and its original GRID dating back to the 1840’s.
o You will find many vintage photographs taken prior to 1967 with recollections from those that recall an era long ago but not forgotten. We also show the “best practice” of this nation’s successful Downtowns as well as YOUR ideas on how to make it uniquely Santa Clara.

Our Next Steps:
o Urban renewal took 8 blocks of our Downtown Santa Clara in the 1960’s. Now more than 50 years later it’s time to reclaim history, to revitalize, and create a destination. Return the heart and soul of our old city to this historic region. To Reclaim Our Downtown.
o We wish to work collaboratively with Santa Clara’s citizens, City leaders and staff, current retails and landowners for the completion of a new Downtown by 2025.  It would be located in the exact eight block grid of the original Historic Downtown District.  The Downtown will meet the Residential and Retail needs of today’s Santa Clarans, while paying meticulous architectural homage to Our Original Downtown. 
Join Us and let’s return our downtown and make history!

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Key Visions for Our Downtown:

  • Return the Exact Street Footprint
  • Creation of a Planned Downtown, not just a series of unrelated projects.
  • Blend Key Architectural Features of Our Original Downtown with architecturally significant urban design - mixed use.
  • Protect the Current Retailers and Residents.
  • Return the Historic Trolley with a modern vision.

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